Elegant Pre School
            Elegant Pre School is a place where we provide a constructive and organized learning environment where the child is introduced to indispensable learning methods such as self-exploration and realization. There is a very basic ideology to this approach we want to stimulate the young minds so that they become more receptive to the concept of education and soaking up knowledge, preparing them for the more conventional and extremely competitive mode of education that lies ahead.   Read more
Our Believe
            We believe in the process of Learning by Doing – a child needs to ‘touch’, ‘explore’, ‘learn’ and ‘enjoy’ understanding the world around him. In order to stimulate a child’s imagination, we provide opportunities for the child to grow and develop while reading, listening and playing.   Read more
  News & Alerts
Next branch of elegant pre school is opening in CHITIMTI and KOKACHO in w.singhbhum ; jharkhand.